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CRRC announced that the car body of the first domestic wireless power supply tram is made of carbon fiber composite material


On April 10, a number of cutting-edge products of CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. appeared in the fifth world intelligence conference in the form of real objects and models. China's first new wireless power supply tram and China's new generation of maglev train are shocked to release. Product models such as 400 km / h transnational interconnected EMUs and new generation of driverless metro are launched to enable future smart transportation and smart city and help future rail transit development.

According to pan Shuo, chief designer of CSR Tangshan wireless power supply tram, the first domestic new wireless power supply tram independently developed by CSR Tangshan company is a new generation of tram, which adopts inductive non-contact power supply system to realize the breakthrough of China's rail vehicle power supply system from "wired" to "wireless", It makes up for the gap of non-contact power supply system in domestic rail industry. At the same time, the train also adopts key technologies such as carbon fiber lightweight car body, central independent wheel Bogies and on-board energy storage, which achieves a comprehensive upgrade compared with traditional trams in terms of intelligence, comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection. It is the latest technological achievement in the field of trams in China and represents the technical trend of trams in the future. At present, the train has received overseas orders from Portugal and other countries.

In addition, China's new generation maglev train independently developed by CRRC Tangshan company has also unveiled the mystery. The highest running speed of the train is 200km / h, and the key technologies such as carbon fiber lightweight composite material and "permanent magnet synchronous intermediate drive + f-rail permanent magnet electromagnetic suspension" are innovatively adopted. The perfect integration of medium and low speed maglev and high speed maglev technology is realized. It has the characteristics of high traction efficiency, low suspension energy consumption, small turning radius, strong climbing ability and low running noise. It is a new generation of flexible, light and fast maglev The green and intelligent maglev train will provide a new choice for the trunk railway network, the 0.5-2-hour traffic circle of urban agglomerations, and the point-to-point transportation within cities.


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